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Tervezte: Sam Hecht and Kim Colin


#Akusztikus fal # premium térelválasztó

OE1 Agile Walls give people the ability to quickly create team spaces to share their ideas. They’re a solution for sub-architectural movable boundary within the open plan and part of the OE1 Workspace Collection.

Empower Every Corner of the Office

Functioning both as boundaries and interactive tools for collaboration, the OE1 Agile Wall brings agility to every square inch of the office. Place them near underutilized areas to help people optimize their privacy and productivity.

Pair Up to Power Teamwork

Create a high-powered space for collaboration. The OE1 Agile Wall pairs with the OE1 Huddle Table so people can get together and share ideas at a moment's notice.

Customize Your Agile Toolkit

The OE1 Agile Wall is available with options like shelves, writable and tackable surfaces, and technology. So people can create spaces with all the collaboration tools they need.

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